100 Dreams For God To Guide Me

In my sophomore year of high school, I completed a challenge to create a Bucket List. The challenger told me to say a prayer, set a timer for 30 minutes, and try to write 100 dreams or goals I wanted to accomplish before I died. So that’s what I did. Some things were normal and at the top of my mind, but once I got past 40, I started running out of things that I would want. So, I just started writing stuff down.

Before that moment, I didn’t know I wanted to write a book or “Do a jig on the Great Wall of China.” But that list has changed my life for the better. Whenever I have a moment where I don’t know what I want to do with my life, I pray to be guided and then I go back to my list and try to check things off.


Bucket List #8 Completed in 2006

Running Of The Bulls In Spain

I convinced my brother to go with me. We lived with a family for two months and took Spanish classes.

Bucket List #48 Completed in 2007

Do A Jig On The Great Wall Of China

When my cousin said she needed to go to China, I remembered my list, and said I needed to go too. I think about that trip a lot. It was wild.

Bucket List #23 Completed in 2011

Be In Four States At Once

I saw it mentioned on The Simpsons once and decided I needed to do it.

Bucket List #43 Completed in 2012

Cross Country Road Trip

If you’re going through northern Texas, Cadillac Ranch is the place to be. I saw it in a textbook once. The whole cross country trip took four days.

Bucket List #12 Completed in 2013

Live In Nashville

I love Nashville. I spent two years there and it changed me forever.

Bucket List #34 Completed in 2013

Start A Podcast

My best friend and I started a podcast about animated movies and that led us to be press at the premiere of Disney’s Frozen. The Animation Addicts Podcast With The Rotoscopers has had over 1 million downloads and we still record episodes today.

Bucket List #24 Completed in 2016

Go To The Olympics In Brazil

I speak Portuguese so obviously that trip was a must! In six weeks, I visited 13 cities throughout the country and made memories to last a lifetime.

Bucket List #57 Completed in 2023

Publish A Book

Today my actual list is over 230 items and I have achieved 67 of them. Each one of these were not just a fun thing to do. The journey helped me know more about the world and myself. In 2023, I was able to publish a journal for others to document their own journey. Buy Your Own And Let God Guide You