Not Your "Typical" Keynote

What to Expect

As a speaker, Chelsea shares her unique experiences as a “keynote concert” by combining humor, inspiration, business savvy and soaring vocals for schools, non-profit events, motivational conferences, and symposiums around the world.

Before the event, you, the event coordinator, and Chelsea will discuss possible themes for your event. She will plan to tell stories to support your goals. This is just one combination of stories and lessons that are possible.

From the moment Chelsea steps on stage, your guests will know that this isn’t your average Keynote Speaker.

She takes you on a journey of what it was like to grow up in a family business, a western dinner theater. She sings, Wake-up Cowboy, the theme song of her families business, the Rockin’ R Ranch. Then she tells some of the lessons that she learned there.

From here she talks about her time with other celebrities backstage at awards shows like the Grammys and Emmys. She gets everyone laughing with stories like the time when she lost Tina Fey or when she and Usher were “together.”

This is where she shares the biggest life lesson that Garth Brooks taught her: the difference between being a “Performer” vs being an “Entertainer.” Then helps everyone to apply that in their jobs or home life.

Finally, she talks about how she went from being blacklisted from Disney to being asked to be press at the “white carpet” at the premiere of Disney’s Frozen. She expounds on what it is like to be “on all sides of the Red Carpet” and how to make whatever part you are playing count.

She finishes it off with an inspiring “Get on Your Feet” kind of song!

It’s a combination of humor, passion, and music that makes this something that everyone will remember for years to come!

  • Working with Family
  • Dreaming/Goal setting
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Overcoming fears
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service
  • Overcoming objections
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Performer vs Entertainer
  • Pro-lifeĀ 
  • Special NeedsĀ 

Chelsea Robson has been on stage performing over 100 shows a year since she was 4 years old. As it was a family business, she learned, from birth, the power of a united cause. She also learned that entrepreneurship and leadership was in the blood.

At 22, she wanted to combine two passions, music and entrepreneurship, by organizing and headlining a summer concert series that featured local bands and solo singers.

The entrepreneurship bug hit again in 2012. She co-founded ‘The Animation Addicts Podcast with the Rotoscopers’ and that opened doors to interview directors and producers -change makers- throughout the film industry.

She attended Berklee College of Music Online, speaks 3 languages, and for the last 6 years, has had the opportunity to work with backstage production at the Grammys, Emmys, American Music Awards, and many others.

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