Rotoscopers interview Don Bluth & Gary Goldman

After animation legends Don Bluth and Gary Goldman announced they were doing a crowdfunding campaign for a sizzle reel for Dragon’s Lair: The Movie, the animation world was abuzz! The duo first started on Kickstarter, but moved over to Indiegogo soon after. It proved to be a great success!
First, in less than a week, the Indiegogo campaign reached over $200K, that’s 80% of its $240K goal! After the whole campaign was over they ended up raisin$533,190USD!!! 
As it was just getting started, the Rotoscopers had the opportunity to chat with Don and Gary at the Don Bluth Front Row Theatre and discuss the campaign and film.

Here are the Highlights

  • A little bit about Dragon’s Lair‘s history and cult status.
  • Why they made the jump from Kickstarter to Indiegogo.
  • A little tease at the plot: it’s a prequel!
  • We all wish Walt Disney happy birthday…in harmony!
  • What they’re going to do with the money from the campaign.

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