Garth Brooks at the Whynn: Dreams Come True Birthday!

Hello Everyone!

Well it has been a while since I actively tried to cross things off the bucket list. Right before I turned 26 I decided that I would make this my year of making dreams come true. So I went to work trying to figure out the easiest things that I could do right away. For some reason a majority of them included hiking. -Didn’t know I was that much of an enthusiast but none the less it’s on the list so it needs to be done.

I also saw that #64 said I wanted to go to a Garth Brooks concert.
I’m slightly too young to have really followed his career but one Christmas I got these DVDs of his greatest concerts and I was converted.

Garth is my idol when it comes to performing, song writing, and well let’s just face it…

He’s The Man.

Well, he was in retirement until about 4 years ago when he started to do weekend shows at The Wynn Las Vegas. I have been salivating over these tickets ever since I heard the news. Everyone I ever talked to who had seen it said it was just beyond amazing. -It’s just Garth on stage with a guitar a few lights a little bit of reverb. Well I couldn’t do it before the mission and he was ending his first run of shows so I just thought “Well, maybe someday” When I got home I found out that he had started up again. I filed that information in the back of my mind.

As I was preparing my list of things I wanted to do for my birthday I added it to that list -but didn’t know HOW I would be able to pull that off. It was a lot of money and didn’t know too many people that would be willing to go with me. I didn’t tell anyone. I shelved it… until Thursday, October 5, 2012. That morning I got a text from my friend Brandon (also a HUGE Garth Fan) that this run would be coming to an end in a month.


I was distraught! My HERO! -Will I NEVER get to see him live in concert?! I hung my head in sadness but then had to go along with my day. Around 9:30pm I got another text from Brandon.

Are you feeling crazy? Call me as soon as you can.

I called him about 15 min later. He said that he had been looking through everything and saw that of the remaining shows there was only one that had availability. Tomorrow night @ 10:30pm

-Could I do it? –Should I do it? —But this is Garth!!!

I’ll put it into perspective exactly how much I love Garth… If I guy I barely knew got down on one knee and just had tickets to go see Garth in his hand… I would have a VARY difficult time saying “No” to whatever he asked.

This was a long time friend who -as he put it was seeing if I would talk him in or out of the trip- He didn’t know I needed to cross this off my list….

That was it. We were going! …and 24 hours later we were in Vegas!

That was the start of my “Dreams Come True Year!”
When you walk into the small 1,500 person theater all there is is his guitar in the middle of the empty stage.
Because we bought tickets the night before we were actually seated on oposite sides of the theater in the far back but the man at the front desk said to wait until the last minuet and then ask the ushers if they had any seats available. We did and at the very last moment they reseated us together, 8th row, center section. AKA BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE!!! We saw it all! He made eye contact with us multiple times. -I was in Heaven! His wife, Trisha Yearwood came out and they sang a duet and then she sang 2 more songs of hers. (She’s in Love with the Boy and Walk Away Joe) I was smiling all night!

My Dad later asked me “So how does one guy with just a guitar keep your attention and be THAT good?” -Well he gets up there and talks a million miles a min and then sings the first verse and chorus of 30-40 songs both his own and his influences. He put’s it all out there and doesn’t hold anything back.  The only thing that they really add to his powerful country voice is a vit of Reverb. -The rest is just solid emotion.

The crowd was good. Even, from what he said, for his normal crowds. Everyone was singing everyone of his songs and just feeding the fire. He normally only does about an hour and a half including a question and answers segment but tonight he was on such a high that he went for about 2 1/2 hours straight and ended if off with Shameless where he even unstrapped his guitar and just rocked out A Capella.  Everyone cheered forever and then he pulled out Friends in low places. -it seems like something he only did for the long shows. He didn’t even have to sing. Everyone sang at the top of their lungs. The energy was amazing. After it was all done he just soaked in the screams, fell to his knees and left it all out there on the stage and screamed along with us.
You didn’t know it at the time but thank you, Brandon, for the impromptu dream come true!

You can’t plan something like that trip. You just have to write down your dreams and then take the opportunities to make them come true. I wasn’t able to do #65 but you see that list is magical… and the year’s not over yet!

Here’s to the start of my 26th year!
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