Musical Mystery Tour is Dying to Take You Away

Boilin’ Cabbage

It all started last week. We do service for one of the members here and she has been cleaning out her house since her grandmother’s death. it was our job to take a basket and a couple of sacks to the Deseret Industries (kind of like Good Will) donation truck. All of this stuff was in our back seat. We had Email on a day that was not our normal preparation day and were running a little bit late to our appointment so there was a little bit of a crunch. So I through my purse in the back of the car with my bag. We had to pick up someone to go with us and there was no room in her car so she opted to jump in the back of ours. She got in and moved everything over on top of all the rest of the D.I. stuff. We got in and left. We had a few appointments that day and I just never got around to putting my purse back in my bag. The last stop was at the church to practice for the upcoming ‘Out-going Fireside’. Because we were at the church we just swung on by the truck and set everything down inside. I didn’t think about it for another day when I realized I didn’t have my purse anymore. We called everyone but one one had it. Then it hit me. “The DI Truck!” oh no! When we finally returned there were a  few bags and rearranged and the basket no longer where we had placed it. It was one of those long storage trucks and had been about halfway full. So we spent about 3 hours going through everything that was in there. It’s probably the closest thing I’ve ever done to dumpster diving. I was without EVERYTHING. My money, my ID, my CAMERA! I also had a bunch of memory cards in there. It was horrible. I’ll be getting replacement stuff, but needless to say… it was not a good day. But what was the use crying over it? The whole time I was just praying that if someone did take it and didn’t plan on returning it that they would wake up with boils the next day. So if you hear of anyone complaining of a horrible incurable case of Boils -just tell them to give it back and it’ll all go away. 🙂

 I sang and… ‘I did it my way!’ 

Last time at the Out-going Fireside Sister Tiaua and I had regret that we hadn’t signed up to sing. So this time we made sure we were on the list. She played the Piano and I sang one of my favorite songs “You’ll never walk alone” from Carousel. We took a more mellow road with it instead of the Window crashing- blow-you-out-of-your-seat route. It went really well. You can always tell the music buffs that talk to me after. There was a man that came up to me and was giving me a play-by-play “The moment you started I thought: Oh boy, she’s got the pipes to blow this out… here it comes…-But then you DIDN’T! You held back and let the spirit take it! Well done!”
“…oh shucks, Mister. Thank you.” 🙂 -Those always make me feel good. Sincere praise never goes to my head but it always touches my heart.

Roll up for the Mystery Tour

When I was in my senior year of High School I had a teacher of American History: Mr. Ashley. Man, I loved him. He’d had nearly all my brother’s and sisters at one point in time and had a photographic memory. At least he did for students because he remembered them all. Every year he taught the same thing. Every chapter in the book he had the same stories topped off with the same jokes to tell.  It was almost like having a tour guide through history. He had fun putting little clues in every test he gave. They were always matching a letter with it’s definition to the correct number and it’s key word. One day were were learning about the Winchester Riffle. The Woman had basically all the shares and money to the winchester fortune was superstitious and crazy thought that all the spirits what were killed by the riffle were after her and built this house so as to confuse them. She was told that she would have to keep building on to her house and never finish it so that they would stay away. So she did. She didn’t know what else to do in some places so she just started to build staircase to no where and doors that don’t open up to anything but a wall and windows in the floor. She turned an 8 room ranch house into a 116 room mansion. I remember that on the test number 13 was ‘W’ because Sarah Winchester’s favorite number was 13. 🙂 The bishop’s wife was talking about a few tourist sites in the area and mentioned it and this whole thing came back to my mind! She offered to take us to see it. So we got to go today! It was really fun. It was a little different then what I had pictured in my mind but it was pretty incredible. It was one of those things that was on my list of “someday” experiences and I was totally thrilled to get to see it today. 🙂 *Jenny, you can tell your mom she is awesome.* -When walking by the gun rack I thought of Randy. 🙂

Welp, I guess that’s enough for today. Hope all is well with you!
-Remember, I’m just a stamp away!

Mr. Ashley, if you’re reading this… I believe the Mumu was red. 🙂


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