The Amazing Wax Museum & The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

¡Hola! ¿Como Estáis?

well mama wanted more pictures so here they are. Last Friday we went traveling around and we found this museo de cera the only reason that we paid to go in was because it had “tren del terror” it was so funny! it was just like a cheap version of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride but with peliculas diferente. star wars (old and new), alien, Rambo, predator, and other misc. “Terrifying” animatronics. So after we walked through the rest of the museo and took some pictures. the funniest part was that they has so many figures of all these nobody’s from Spain and then a misc. Bill gates or Michael Jordan as if to say these Spanish guys are as hugely know in all the world. We laughed.

Anyway, the picture with the tall statue in the back is in el parque retiro and the Cervantes statue… Cervantes wrote the book “Don Quixote” and is Spain’s national hero! everywhere there is some type of monument to him. side note in Pamplona the whole area where the bull ring is is named after Ernest Hemingway because he mentioned Pamplona in a book. so Randy and I are going to write a book and then they might dedicate a national holiday to us. it doesn’t take much to be famous here.

we just returned from Pamplona to see the running of the bulls! it was cool. THE biggest drunken party that I have ever seen! we drove about 5 hours by bus to get there around 8 pm stayed up all night and then at 8 am is when the run the bulls then left around 9:30 am drove back to Madrid and then slept the rest of the day and then watched the world cup soccer game (italy vs France) and then slept until morning for school. what a trip!


During the party there had to be at least 35,000 people there. in this little town with cobble stone streets. there were about 5 Major stages with each about 1k-3k people at each one with many clubs and little side bands playing and the 10 to 15 little marching bands all around the town. it was weird to look down EVERY little ally and see another 1000 people! the bands were really cool. everyone knew all the Spanish songs and were singing along and they were really good. around 2 in the morning we found this jazz band that was really rockin’! the audience was older and not drunk so that was a main plus. the singer was really good and the band was great! they even got a standing ovation and to think, the main reason we stayed at first was because we saw that they had real chairs! that was our favorite band. they had a really cool fireworks display that night (celebrating rob’s birthday) so we considered that a pretty cool late 4th.

you are probably asking yourself “what do all the people do all night long?”
I’ll tell you… they all get totally drunk and then by about 6 in the morning HALF are passed out on the ground, with garbage all over and I don’t even want to know what else on the ground . So, as we were walking around, all you could see was just a sea of dead people! it was defiantly the weirdest thing I have ever and probably will ever experience.

Randy wanted to run with the Bulls but we were so tired that it just wasn’t going to happen.

well, I think that is all, so hope everyone is having a great day/week/month
love ya!
Chelsea and Randy

ps I sure wish that I could have been there for the opening for Pirates!!! we might see superman while we are out here (in Spanish) but I haven´t seen anything for Pirates of the Caribbean yet. ¡óhala!
PPS Randy say,”I miss my XS!!!!!!”

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