Spain… The Adventure Begins

Hey everybody!

we are here! we got in wholesale jerseys at 9 o´clock pm in Spain or about 12 pm in az. the airport was really cool there were no walls only windows. but it was all totaly empty! I thought it was New coolto have no lines and every shop open. Randy said that that was where the socialist put there tax dollars. haha good times. we met our family last night. none of them speak any English. sometimes I get what is going on but wholesale mlb jerseys the rest of the time I´m a deer in the headlights. we were really jetlaged last night I Usually only got like 4-4 and a half hours of sleep. all I know is that today is going to be a long wholesale mlb jerseys day! the city is so beautiful! the weather is perfect. cheap mlb jerseys we will cheap jerseys try to send pictures some time. we went to school today for the ¨welcome here´s a test¨ randy and I are in different classes but we are both in the same boat. well that is all I have to say for today! stay in touch! love ya´ll!


Mon, 26 Jun 2006 02:30:47 -0700


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